Monday, July 23, 2007

Presto Chango!

Wow the weekend went fast --- as usual, but this weekend seemed even more so. Maybe because I was fairly productive --- at least by my scale.

Shelley and I spent the day together yesterday --- we hit the farmer's market in Highlands Ranch. I'm hoping to make this a regular habit. This time I picked up some gorgeous tomatoes, a cucumber, some cherries and a little kettlecorn, Yumm-O. Shelley splurged on some delicious looking apple strudel. We laughed and debated whether she would save some for Troy when he comes home from fishing trip tom or if she would eat all of the evidence on the 'eat for two' excuse.

Then off to Park Meadows for lunch and some maternity clothes for her. I wish I would have known that's how we would have ended up so I would have taken my camera and had some pics for the baby book.

Speaking of being productive...I finished a home project this weekend. Finally I made pillow covers for the couch and love seat. The couches came with this...

Which is a fabulous fabric if your into contemporary styles, strong graphics and bold colors. Me? Not so much, although there are times when I find those things very appealing. For my day to day life I am a Classic Girl. Plus the only things I have of artistic value in the living room have none of these colors. So what's a girl to do? Crafty girl to the rescue --- find great fabric and cover the cushions of course. About a month (ack maybe more) I found this fab silky stripe on sale at Jo-Anns and bought three yards. An hour of focused cutting, pinning and sewing time and voila 'new' pillows

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  1. VERY nice and classy. Your sister reports the whole place looks terrific.