Saturday, May 26, 2007

Something New...

ok so a scrapbook page is nothing new...I know, but...this one is SPECIAL! I created the whole thing digitally --- no paper, printed pics, rub-ons, nada. Digi-scrappbooking has taken the field by storm in the past couple of years. Just as in the traditional world, the supplies and products get better every day. I think I have above average tech and problem solving skills so you would think that this would be a slam dunk but no...I have attempted to make digi-pages before and given up after just a little frustration. Yesterday I was adament that I would be successful. And I was, it's not the greatest, but I don't think it's too bad either. And of course when I really applied myself and read some tutorials carefully it was easy. Seems like that is the story of my life. PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL AND APPLY YOURSELF! If only it could be that simple. There is also a funny story behind this layout...the journaling is from Tanner's point of view. My imaginary friends Heather and Emily hold a weekly journaling challenge on their blog and of course this was the challenge to use someone else's voice. I thought it would be fun to use Tanner and his thoughts about Cesar Milan. I try really hard to be the pack leader and it is much easier with one dog, but I'm not sure that Tanner necessarily appreciates my hard work.

Happy Memorial weekend! It's going to be a beautiful day in 'colorful' Colorado. Tanner and I hit the dog park last night and it was packed with people and dogs --- the res was already filling up with boats. I'm going to work a couple of shifts at Mary Kay's fab scrap store, it's great to have a discount and be earning money to pay for my habit and maybe put a little away for bigger things.

Friday, May 25, 2007


Life is full of temptations...for me they start first thing in the morning. Every work day I walk into by office building and I stare straight into the eyes of the elevator. It calls to me...Take it easy and let me deliver you to your door...forget the stairs. Oh so tempting! But it's also the first victory of the day, in the 6 months I've worked in this building I have never taken the elevator. Even when my arms are full with laptop and files, I take the stairs. Those stairs may only be two flights, but they are two flights to a healthier, happier me. If only I could find this will power when the other temptations call my name...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More random thoughts

Random thoughts are always rolling through my brain...Here's my first... For some reason I clicked to view my one profile after posting a comment on another blog and found out I'm old! Really, really old...aleast according to blogger data. 256 years old to be exact. Can you imagine being 256 years old? The things you would have seen and heard. It makes me happy to be 35 (well almost)

Thought two: Hallalujah Ocean's 13. Pure eye candy. I admit the first two were by no means a 'great' movie ala Casablanca or Braveheart, etc. But... How can you not love George, Brad, Matt and a little Bernie Mac thrown in for fun. When 12 came out I took the day off on premier day and went to the movie bright and early all by myself. Maybe I'll do the same this time.

Random Thought 3: Note to the producers of Entertainment Tonight...Please, please, please NO MORE Anna Nicole stories. The woman is dead, drama over we don't need to create any more.

Random Thought 4: Tanner is the cutest dog ever! The past couple of days have not been great ---upset tummies in dogs mean no fun for Mommy. But even after getting up several times and cleaning out a nasty poopy kennel --- I still love him.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Something cool!

So I saw this on Kelly's blog and I just had to give it a try. Interesting I think the descriptions don't totally fit who I think I am at this moment or ever. But --- I love the visual clues, maybe I should pay attention.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Good News!

I just had a moment of panic --- ok not really panic --- it's been four days since my last post and at the sign in window I had a train wreck in my brain and couldn't think of the password, I thought oh no not again --- but hooray for technology I had it set to 'remember me' so I don't have to remember as long as I login on a regular basis --- now that's motivation to keep blogging.

Ok so good news --- I am going to start working for a scrapbook store again on a part-time basis. Can you say 'Employee Discount'? Thanks to my new IRL friend Mary Kay for bringing me back to the retail life. (I say IRL because I've actually known the virtual version of MK since last August or so) I don't think I realized how important the Scrapyard was until it was gone! I hope this is just another step at getting back to the real me. Whoever that is...

Actually had a good work day yesterday. I won over an ogre, well not really an ogre but a guy that has a reputation for acting like one on a regular basis. At the end of a meeting that started with my presence being ignored and then a verbal tirade he said 'You know Christyn, I like you, I had no idea why you were coming and now I'm glad you came, I really like you." I wish my boss was there to hear it, oh well.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

So here I am at 8:15 yesterday morning...very typical all of my hair pulled back in a ponytail. I can't believe how long it is. I counted up the months and realized it had been 22 months (yes almost 2 years!) since I have had anything done! I really was hoping to donate but I read the fine print and highlighted hair doesn't stand up to the process so it's not accepted. Sadness, but it was time to let go... And let go I did almost ten inches of blah hair gone! gone! gone! I LOVE it! I can't imagine going through the summer with all of that hair. I know you can't see the front, but it's not that different it's the back that is fabulous! I don't know why I waited so long! I feel like it's just more than hair gone but that hair was representative of two crappy, crappy years so hopefully that stuff will be gone too. If only life were that simple.

Friday, May 11, 2007


So it now seems silly that I bought a book on blog ideas since I've had several random, silly and slightly thought provoking this week.

I love Target --- who doesn't? I have to pace myself sometimes now that I live so close. I tried to use a partial gift card at the neighborhood Target and it was declined fine because I didn't know how much was one it. Anyway the oh so helpful cashier said that I could try again in eleven days.

'Eleven days? That's kind of random is that the span between trips the averge customer?' To which he responded 'No, that's about three days after you take out the folks that visit 3 times a day'. At the time he said it I thought wow every 3 days, I don't think I come here that often. But sure enough now that he pointed it out I have been there 3 times in a week so even more frequent than the average customer...ack! What do I buy? well even I have a hard time answering although I do know that 2 trips this week were for Tanner --- one to buy new chuckit and balls and because i forgot the first time dog food. I have a hard time not looking up and down most ailes especially the clearance end caps and clothing clearance racks you never know what you might find there. What I do know is that it doesn't change much in a 3 day period, so that begs the question...why do some people go 3x a day? I can understand if you're working on a home project and maybe a couple trips are needed but to visit that frequently on a regular basis seems a little crazy --- but that's ok because it makes me feel better about my addiction. Always better when you can say 'at least i'm not as bad as that person.'

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What a day...

So I drove over 150 miles by 11:30 this was exhausting but great to be able to visit sites and see the kids I work for if only for a minute or two. The trip was made much better by phone call from super CA friend aka Mr. 1512. After several days of phone/txt tag it was great to finally connect.

He's one of the few people that can always make me smile and laugh in spite of myself. Although this was a recap of the past few months that can best be summed up by saying 'being an adult sucks!' Despression(me) divorce(him) loss of something we love (both) and crappy jobs (both, ok me more than him). I admire him for chasing a life long dream at all costs. Especially since I can't even think of a dream to persue. I feel like that part of me is dead, not sure if it will ever come back again.

Speaking of making me laugh here are some of the photos he sent my way this afternoon.I think this one really needs a caption something like "A girls got to get love whereever she can" No explanation needed on this one...come on Texas~
And this one is just plain wrong, but sometimes wrong is so funny you just have to go with it. Note despite similar appearance the girl in the US pic is NOT me :)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

And I was like...

Ok so I was's time to change my title for the blog, I don't know why it just seemed like the right time to do it. Not sure if 'and I was like' will be the permanent title, especially since I figured out how to change it. I'm still working on the pic and title combo. Plus finding a picture to accompany the title is a little tricky.

So where does the title come from? It's just me, one of the things I don't really like about me, but a I have a horrible habit of saying 'and I was like' instead of something such as I said or I did. My mom used to point it out when I was younger, but I think she's given up now. Where did it come from? Who knows but Valley speak...Awesome, whatever, as if, etc was totally the rage in my language learning days. Like Totally, yeah! At work we are review a variety of software solutions for reading and language skills and discussing the window of impression. So that's my story for now.

It's one of those things I would change if I could and do when I catch myself, but I wonder how much I say it without realizing it, has it become just part of me?

So that's the story for today and the pic, well if you don't appreciate Legally Blonde I just don't know what to say. It's one of the favs I keep on the down low, but its one of those movies I will watch whenever its one.

Wait a minute --- is Omar Epps leaving House? It's just beginning so I'll cross my fingers it's just part of this weeks story line.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Elephant Toenails

Wahoo! I remembered my username and password --- a step in the right direction.

Ok so the title has got to have you thinking --- really what is there to say about elephant toe nails. I don't really know. I was at the zoo with some coworkers on Saturday (aka the crazy chickens) and I actually read the little poster that described the duties involved in taking care of elephants and in addition to feeding and bathing, zoo keepers need to trim the elephants toenails. But did they say how this is done --- no. What kind of the tools do they use? A belt sander? I can't even cut Tanner's nails and he's just a 40 pound dog. So on the off chance an elephant officianado is reading this, I'd appreciate the fill in on how this is done.

On a related note, how much paint do you think it would take if you wanted to give the elephant a full pedicure. I can see a n elephant with pink toenails, maybe it was too much Babar as a kid.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Oh My

So when I strated this blog I swore to myself that I wouldn't be one 'of those' bloggers who don't update for months on end. But here it is May and my last post was December --- I am one of those. Good thing nobody's reading, eh? Even if they were, they've surely given up by now. A frsh start, maybe? Ha Ha...well in a commitment to really writting I bought a blog idea book...ok so I bought it months ago too, but I saw it in a cleaning fest this weekend and was inspired by it and other blogs (or non updated blogs) to write something.

{How can I be inspired by non-updated blogs, well it's simple I figure I can't complain about others who don't update when I forgot my own password. Since I love to reserve the right to whine about meaningless things I thought I'd better get myself squared away.}

So back to the book --- such a catchy little 'No one cares what you had for lunch'. However, I beg to differ. I'm pretty sure my mom still cares about what I eat and she would be disappointed to know that saltines were my tasty lunch a small brownie too. No worries mom, I've got a big juicy steak to make for dinner. Yumm-o!

So yesterday was National Scrapbooking Day and I celebrated by finally working on the furniture elements of my scraproom and by spending a couple of hours at a wonderful new scrapbook store Scrapbook Destination.

And in a non scrapping moment --- to the zoo with the gals from work. Despite our best plans to get there early and see the animals awake --- we got there around noon and it was naptime at the zoo. Seeing the animals at the zoo got me thinking what their life must be and maybe being able to relate to the trapped feeling more than ever before. I definitely felt trapped in my own misery up until about a month ago --- not that much better now, but at least I've made steps to get out and over it {poor zoo animals, not much they can do}.

Ok that's a good start --- have this feeling like I could write forever, but to hold myself to my promise to post more often I'm going to save the following for the next week.

1. Elephant toe nails (yep, everyone's going to want to read that)
2. A new home away from home
3. Work, blah, blah, blah...
4. My new furniture creations
5. My new apartment
6. Living with a frisbee star