Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What a day...

So I drove over 150 miles by 11:30 this was exhausting but great to be able to visit sites and see the kids I work for if only for a minute or two. The trip was made much better by phone call from super CA friend aka Mr. 1512. After several days of phone/txt tag it was great to finally connect.

He's one of the few people that can always make me smile and laugh in spite of myself. Although this was a recap of the past few months that can best be summed up by saying 'being an adult sucks!' Despression(me) divorce(him) loss of something we love (both) and crappy jobs (both, ok me more than him). I admire him for chasing a life long dream at all costs. Especially since I can't even think of a dream to persue. I feel like that part of me is dead, not sure if it will ever come back again.

Speaking of making me laugh here are some of the photos he sent my way this afternoon.I think this one really needs a caption something like "A girls got to get love whereever she can" No explanation needed on this one...come on Texas~
And this one is just plain wrong, but sometimes wrong is so funny you just have to go with it. Note despite similar appearance the girl in the US pic is NOT me :)

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