Tuesday, July 17, 2007

10 on Tuesday

I was inspired by the message board on two peas another 10 on Tuesday list. This week's topic:

10 Things You Love to Do in the Summertime
Here's mine
*walking barefoot in the grass or sand when I'm lucky enough to be by the beach
*flip flops (the next best thing to being barefoot)
*capri pants and cute summer skirts
*running threw the sprinklers (ok maybe not threw, but close enough to feel the mist)
*watching my sister's dog play with the hose
*sitting on the deck and watching the stars
*sweet corn on the cob
*flea and farmers markets
*looking at people's gardens
*garage sales

Denver's in the news again...and it's not for a blizzard. This time a crazy guy walked into the state capital with a gun and claiming to be the emperor of Colorado. Luckily for us,he didn't get the governor. Unlucky for him state troopers shot him. I was just at the capitol a couple of months ago and didn't think about security at the time, does anyone really think about it before it's too late? The building is beautiful and is probably a nightmare for security folks --- lots of offices, stairways, exits, etc.

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