Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer Days...

I have been so looking forward to this weekend for a number of reasons: an extra day off couldn't come at a better time, my patience has worn thin and I am in serious need of downtown to de-stress and gear up for the next couple of weeks. Plus today marks the day we move to a summer work schedule. Friday half days, the week of July fourth off and no Mondays in July. The extra time off is a critical motivator to get through these last few weeks of school.

In other news, our office is moving and I saw the new space has pros and cons

Con: Commute is doubled(no pity party needed, I'm still under 20 minutes which is way better than most)

Pro: An office with a door. no more cubicle farm. Windows, floor to ceiling windows that face south, close to a plethora of lunch time yummy choices, pass the big 3 craft stores on the way home. Yippee!

And...this started last night, bring on the dancers


  1. Glad you like the space... although I'll miss you being so close but I can drive!

  2. ok. so i finally got to see SYTYCD. our dvr did not record (*%$^%%^&&%$) and i was a sad panda. wade found it online and put it on a disk for me and i watched. so glad to see some really great talent. and then for the others i was all like... o_O hahahaha