Thursday, May 07, 2009

Branching Out

still rushing home from work to play with digi scrapping stuff. Maybe the fact that the store is closing so the thought of not having some where to go to get supplies is a subconscious reason for the draw to digi this week or maybe it's the new mac that's super fast and has room to store, whatever it's the perfect match for me this week. So the first few layouts were built on templates, I just had to add photos and other elements in, last night we were on our own(by we I mean 'new Mac' and me, it's not a synchronous class) to build a layout from scratch to show off our new skills. What I learned is...for a paper scrapper I have downloaded a lot of digi-elements. Not unlike the person who would walk into a store and say I've spent $xxxx dollars and never made a page(except I haven't spent that much because there are a LOT of freebies out there) here's what I came up with...
I know I should give credits, except I have some serious organizing to do here in digi land(skipped that bonus assignment) and can't remember much other than the patterned paper comes from a kit called whitie tighties(yep really) and it was a freebie with the JS class. Everything else came from 2 peas just not sure of the designers (so sorry)


  1. it's beautiful! I love that date strip, where did you get it? once you get organized, will you send me info? I keep mine organized in folders by designer or site, then make sure filenames are meaningful, sp_blue_rib would be shabby princess blue ribbon, for example.

  2. ditto what arlee says. i find it easy to rename during the download because it's named something else making sure that i insert designer name to give credit where needed. i'm so happy to see that you are enjoying the 'other' side - tee, hee!

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