Saturday, May 30, 2009

Have a box like this? Full of cards looking for a good home and you've given out as many as you can and still have leftovers, because let's face it making them is just plain fun. I challenge you to join me and send them off to Cards for Heroes. You've probably heard of this organization, but maybe like me and haven't taken the time to learn more. I stumbled onto a blog hop to promote the organization over the memorial day weekend and was moved to participate. How it works: we send our cards to a CFH shipper and they send them oversees to Afghanistan, Iraq and other bases in harms way and the folks serving can take there pick to send back to their loved ones instead of having to buy mega-expensive cards...and we all know that handmade cards are 100s of times better than store bought cards. Their also looking for any hero cards, cards with notes from random people like us sharing gratitude. So I made a few of those with some scraps hanging around my I just need write in them and send away.
I did make one special card for the extra special Mary Kay for her birthday last week. I think I may have over done it...go figure, me over doing it, sometimes I can still here my HS art teacher saying sometimes less is more...and other times it's just right.

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