Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Animal Lover

Just wrapping up one of the last assignments for the Jessica Sprague class I've been blabbering about for the past week. Does everyone feel this euphoria when the digi finally clicks? Don't get me wrong, I will always love my paper and glue, but there is something a little rewarding about spending time on the computer and having something to show other than email chats and high scores on silly facebook games.

I'm still struggling with the organization system just a bit, thinking maybe I'll sort by color as I used to do when my regular supplies until I really got to know the styles of the lines/designers. We'll see...

Patterned Paper: Rhonna Farrer(Funky Florals-Pink Floral), Jessica Sprague (blue)
Elements:Rhonna Farrer(yellow flower strip), Tia Bennent(stitches), Carina Gardner (Journal Card)
Fonts:321 Impact, Never Let Go, Allura Script


  1. CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! I love this! now... time to teach me how to do it!

  2. You are making beautiful digi pages! I really like ACDSee software for organizing files. I keep everything in the files by designer, then sort by color, embellishment type, etc. I can use several labels for the same thing. It really works for me. (Just like Hooked on Phonics?)


  3. euphoria when the digi finally clicks: UM YEAH, isn't that what i've been trying to enable people with - HA! guess i wasn't much help. you've done fabulously - CHEERS to digi! do you need some digi dollars now?