Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Pouting w/o Glee?

Yeah me too, silly, stupid baseball...

In the meantime, the Improve Everywhere gang is at it again, appearently they were on the today show this am, I was of course at work so I missed it, and sadly that one isn't posted on their you tube channel yet, but I did find a new to me Grocery Store Musical for us all to enjoy while we pout over Glee and wait for the next installment


  1. I LOVE THIS ONE! Thanks for getting me through a glee free night.

  2. I am missing my new tv crush pretty bad too.
    Can't wait until it is back!


  3. My favorite part is the people who wander through, as if big musical showstoppers in grocery stores are completely normal non-events.

  4. OK, well i obviously am not in the 'glee' camp - whatever the heck that is but i ♥ singing in a grocery store! jeepers, wish we had improv companies here in denver - how cool would that be!