Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's Good to Have Friends

ATC Tray
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with connections! You might remember me posting some atc creations and bemoaning the fact that I really wanted the ATC tray to put them in...I went on a search --- no local stores, pooh. Online...sold out, sold out, on SC in a project kit this month but the kit was $41 and all I wanted was the tray but I was willing to pay for the whole kit.

Then out I went to get the mail, there's a key in the box and I thought 'oh no I thought I was doing better at getting the mail did I forget last week and the mailman move the crap to the bigger packages box. Crap!'

Slowly I opened the box, and what to my surprised eyes did a see a big envelope from my dear friend Rachel with the printer tray enclosed, I practically skipped home, it was such a great surprise. I quickly put my cuties in their homes, they were a little big, but I was able to cut them down without too much trouble. Now I want to make some for Christmas. Can't wait!

Thanks Rach, you made my week --- maybe even the month!

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  1. oh my goodness, it looks fantastic c, just what you needed. glad i could make your month a little brighter. hugs, rachel