Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What is your child's teacher really trying to say...

A colleague brought this great list to me today and I just couldn't keep it to myself, quick no go get your child's last report card and hopefully none of these things are on there, but...

If the comment says...
  • Shows difficulty in distinguishing between imaginary and factual material...means Your child is a liar.
  • Has difficulty with motor control and coordination...means Your child is a klutz
  • Accomplishes task when interest in constantly prodded...means Your child needs nagging
  • Results to physical means of winning his or her point or attracting attention...Your child fights
  • Needs guidance in development of good hygiene habits...Your child smells bad
  • Needs help in learning to respect the property rights on others...Your child steals
  • Needs guidance in learning to express self respectfully...Your child is a smartass
  • Requires ongoing supervision in order to work well...Your child is lazy
  • Has qualities of leadership but needs to use them more constructively...Your child is a bully


  1. None of those on the report cards, but I did get a phone call from M's teacher today "Just to say how delightful she is, and how glad I am to have her in my class!"

    How sweet was that?

  2. hee hee, political correctness in the classroom.

  3. bwahahaha! luckily none on the boys' report cards....yet. ;-)