Saturday, February 21, 2009

My grandparents are on You Tube!?!

And really how many 36 year olds do you know who can say that?

Many of you read the article I posted last Saturday and apparently so did a regional television station so they did a story on NanNan and Grandpa and of course in the age of viral marketing posted it on youtube.

While I don't expect to soar to the top of the viral vid chart anytime soon, I thought it would be fun to post here.


  1. I love the contrast on your blog... so very you.
    Your grandparents love and devotion to one another and to the Lord is beautiful. Thank you for sharing the video!

  2. Oh, my... that has me in tears. You know the part that really gets me? How he looks at her, watching her while she talks, and how she occasionally says, "Didn't we?" to include him in the story.

    Truly, truly lovely.

  3. can i just say ditto to MK. everything she said. I watched this when you posted it and thought i commented. but i must have been too emotional. truly a wonderful story.