Sunday, April 06, 2008

Double Dip

So most of you already know that Mary Kay started a blog for Scrapbook Destination. I'm thrilled to be part of the blogging team. Sundays are my day and I just posted my first bit...the ends and outs of flock.

I must say that I didn't find Wordpress quite as easy to navigate and learn as blogger... suprising because it seems like 'Wordpress' is the latest darling of the blogging community. Maybe after I play with it some more, I'll discover it's charms. For now I'm content with my little free spot on the blogging beach.

Thanks for checking in! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend...I have invited the fam over for dinner to ensure that I actually clean my whole house and not just the kitchen as I usually do. Need to get to gettin...


  1. Have fun with the family, good to know about WP, tomorrow it's my turn:)

  2. wordpress was built in to my site, pre-installed, so I just decided to go with it. my sympathies.

  3. Oh, now, it's not that bad! I confess it's not as easy as Blogger (which has improved a LOT since I started my blog a few years ago), but it's also free. And you can do multiple contributors, which was the deciding factor.

    And your post was FANTASTIC. Thanks!

  4. I love wordpress! Of course, it is the only blog I've ever used.... ;-) Gotta go check out the flocking post. bwahahahaha. I slay me.... ;-)

  5. wordpress is what i was toying with about 4 years ago before i even started a blog. was trying to decide which one to use. and as you saw the other day, i had forgotten i had even signed up with them - HA! LOVE your flocking post, now i'm not so scared to try it!!!! hugs, rach