Tuesday, April 22, 2008

10 on Tuesday 'Earth Day Addition'

An amazing sunset and a day full of sun(so much so I got a little sunburn on my arm), Mother Earth sure celebrated her special day. Even my Tivo got into the act and recorded the 'Church of Oprah' sermon today. It got me thinking about the areas of my life where I'm wasteful. Not that I really want to admit any of these things, but you know what 'they' say...recognizing the problem(s) is the first step. So are here are 10 areas I'm wasteful in...

1. Electricity...I am horrible about leaving lights on when I don't need them on and pretty much everything is plugged in all the time
2. Food...I buy way more than I ever eat and end up throwing most of it out
3. Calories...jellybeans anyone?
4. Time...so much time surfing the net and watching TV usually at the same 'time'.
5. Paper...not just the creative kind, I use paper towels like nobody's business
6. Water...long showers, running while I brush my teeth and rewashing clothes because I forgot to put them in dryer in a timely fashion
7. Money...so many little items
8. Heat...even in the dead of winter, I like just a little fresh air at night so I leave the window open(silly I know)
9. Plastic bags...although I've gotten better at this in the last 6 weeks, I forget my reusable bags every now and then
10. Space...totally related to all of the above

So here's hoping next year I'll get better...how about you?


  1. I can relate to a lot of those, although I'm apparently training my kids well. I was brushing my teeth the other day and Sadie yelled, "Mommy! You're wasting water!" :)

  2. ack. if I think about it too much I'll just be depressed. :-P Tyler took a trash free lunch to school for earth day and decided he wanted to do the same today too. Good boy!