Tuesday, April 08, 2008

10 on Tuesday

I've learned from numerous years of psychiatric help that venting and letting things out is a healthy choice...so here's you venting opportunity...10 things your significant other does that bug you

1. Snores and moans in sleep

2. Demands dinner as soon as I get home

3. Takes up to much space on the bed

4. Leaves his stuff all over the house

5. Steals my socks

6. Flirts with other women

7. Herds me when I go up the stairs

8. Makes me feel guilty for working long hours and scrapbooking with the girls

9. Chases small animals

and finally the creme of the crop...this

10. Balls in the toilet...YUCK!

But how can you not love this face...


  1. awwwwwww.... really.... I just want to snuggle on the couch with him! I'm not sure I want to vent about Wade right now... he may look over my shoulder. ;-)

  2. oh he's just washing the ball off in the water bowl, right? But yeah, i'd forgive that sweet face in a minute! :)

  3. 1 through 10: He doesn't put things back where they belong.

    I could list at least ten individual things that are not, at this moment, where they should be, but it's really all about that.

    Of course, he claims that he almost never does this. But if you find yourself in need of the packing tape, the nail clippers, or at least eight other important items in my house, you will know the truth.


  4. you're too funny :)

    let's see.

    leaves empty boxes on the shelves so I don't know we're out of whatever it is

    can fall asleep in 20 seconds

    gasps as if I'm going to hit someone when I'm backing up--every time. one of these days I'm going to back right into someone

    doesn't think I'm funny most of the time

    calls every other man in the world except his dad a "kid" no matter how old they are

    gives me bra wedgies

    hates going out to eat

    talks loudly when he's excited about something

    is more loved by our dogs than I am

    wakes up cheerful

  5. Hmmmm... Stappafies the garbage, this means that he stacks it out of the can until it is about to topple and then he takes it out,arggghhh! Luckily, Coley is old enough to take the trash out now!

    I don't think I could stay mad at that sweet face for more than the few seconds it takes to fish the ball out of the toilet!

  6. hehehehe!
    Great list!
    And right there with ya!