Sunday, April 20, 2008

The *ART* of the Deal

I admit it...I'm a garage sale addict. It's one of the things that I look forward to each summer. Even better now that I have Sienna to shop for. On Saturday I set out on my first trip of the season. I have a few 'rules' to follow when shopping...

1. Set a budget, I start by going to the ATM and getting 20 bucks. I can up it if I find a piece of furniture I'm looking for.

2. Only buy things on my clothes and toys, baking glassware(you can never have to much Pyrex), cheap jewelry, yarn, and storage items that work in my studio.

3. Always, always negotiate on prices. I usually consider the max I want to pay and what I would sell it for, and then take a couple of bucks off of that figure. Then it's on...I usually say will you take...$X for this. This strategy works best if you have a couple items.

4. Be willing to walk away from anything.

5. Go early and be done by 10:30. I can't wait until we start our Summer work schedule and I can start shopping on Friday aft.

You know there are no guarantees on what you'll find at sales. Just like in other areas of life 'you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince.' And Saturday was no exception, just as I was reaching the end of my time limit and still had all of my money in my wallet, I stumbled onto a block sale and one of the families had great taste in girl clothes. I was able to get several cute things for Sienna, including boots like these...

and a rocking horse like this(sadly no saddle, but riding bareback is always fun) It's so cute it makes sounds like a real horse.


  1. ahhhh, garage sales. I think when the kids are all in school I will try to get into this. It will be nice to go on Friday mornings without kids tagging along. ;-)

  2. Sienna is so lucky to have you! Just look at those boots! Too cute.

  3. OH MY GOODNESS, the boots alone are worth it all. looking forward to upcoming summer markets too. miss you c. HUGE hugs, rach

  4. I used to love flea markets and garage sales when I was in my 20s. I totally get you on the rules of process.