Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Clicking through the blogs

I think lots of us now have regular blogs of friends and family or interest that we read on a regular basis. But...Have you played Blog Roulette? Have you ever tried the next blog link...I've become slightly's like going around the world in 60 seconds.

I've found a few gems, I only wish I would have bookmarked a few at the time so I could find my way back.

Fashionist...wonderful shots of everyday fashionable people in San Francisco
Pearl Jam in Spanish...with a fantastic pic of eddie veder
Other scrapbookers
Interesting business thoughts
Amazing photos from everywhere...

To all these folks I've seen and the many more I have yet to read, I say THANK YOU!
Thank you for...
  • expanding my horizons
  • sharing your world
  • keeping me entertained
  • inspiring me to write often
  • accepting life for the wonderful random qualities
If you've never done, go ahead a spin the roulette wheel. And it is a roulette wheelword of caution...this is not for the weak of heart or easily offended. I know blogger works hard to keep out the offensive material, but on more than one occasion I've come a scantily clad lady.

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