Saturday, July 18, 2009

Oh Jen...

I love altering wooden letters and monograms, so when Jen asked if I would do a set for her little guy I was happy to do so. It took a bit(ok 6 weeks) for the inspiration to strike, I realized that all of the letters I done in the past were for girls...easy to add flowers and sparkle, but a growing boy? I was at a loss until I really looked at the paper Jen gave me.

A little fussy cutting and some rub-ons and voila. I'm in love with the 'waves' on the E, it's my favorite of the set.

Now to make a plan to deliver them and I'm on to the next project.


  1. … :) it works! (trying out arleigh's tip for the ellipses…)

    i think your letters are super cute, i love the waves too :)

  2. You are too good to Jen! Really.

    And those are adorable. Glad I rescued that A for her. Or was it the E? Not sure...