Monday, July 20, 2009

More Jessica Sprague Fun

The class ended today, and as usual, I'm a few days behind...which is better than months ala the 'Stories in Hand' class. Even better, I'm using the techniques and having fun with them.

First up a couple of different variations of this cute photo of Sienna, both apply a sepia color tone and frames. Easy peasey....

Next up, some colorization and applying texture and a frame, you can't beat bare toes for a quintessential summer shot.
Finally, a technique I was so happy to learn and master... using layer masks to a pop of color on a black and white photo. Way easier that the old method of layers and erasers. A little edge burn and a quick frame on this one too.

Now I'm off to learn about storyboards, yay!


  1. Is this from the free class?? Cause I haven't even logged on yet...not even once! Oh, so far behind!

  2. wahoooooooooooo!!! looks beautiful. great photos! :)


    ps- did you get your kit yet? ;)

  3. welcome to a new world of playing with your photos - you'll love it. cheers to you for hanging on. great work!