Thursday, July 23, 2009

Late Night F.U.N

Stick of butter: .75 cents (or so, not really sure since I buy butter in large quantities @ Costco)

Visit w/xrays to Doggie Er to make sure wrapper from said butter is not stuck in dog's throat: $256
Living 5 minutes away from said ER, happy healthy dog who throw-up said wrapper at ER and a restful sleep: Priceless.

And so it came to be after 2.5 hours we're home, he's asleep already and I'm trying to wind down from my second wind.

It took so long because there were a few other animals who weren't quite as lucky as us tonight(although I think their ok too) and that's something to be thankful for...the staff at the Animal ER are truly wonderful...even though it was really just an upset tummy(ok a VERY upset tummy) they treated me and Tanner with the same compassion and care. Lots to be said for that!


  1. Phew, that doesn't sound like fun, I'm so glad Tanner is okay.

  2. oh, that's never fun!! my dog ate a jar of fish food last week. YUCK!! Glad to hear you're pup's ok :)

  3. awwww, HUGE hugs to tanner! kung pao has downed almost 1/2 a stick of butter sans wrapper when i left it on the counter one day. OY. glad it wasn't bad for tanner, whew!