Tuesday, March 24, 2009


yes I admit it, I've been stalking Stephanie Howell (@stephaniehowell for twitter folks) again...yes I know stalking is wrong, but since she was pubster of the day in 2 pea land at some point in the past couple of weeks, it was the perfect opportunity to go through her gallery and be inspired...as I always am. I decided to lift...alright...C.A.S.E this layout. Here's my version, it makes me happy, happy, happy.

Everything except bling and pen
: Making Memories
Bling: Kaiser Kraft
Pen: Ek Success

Speaking of happiness...Sienna is spending the day with me today, we've had breakfast and a tea party so far. Hope to have some cute photos to share tomorrow.


  1. this is fabulous christyn, case or not, you always do great work. can't wait to see photos from the tea party, glad to hear you are having fun!

  2. this is stunning! i never check twitter any more...i did tonight and found a link to this gorgeous layout. you put mine to shame, girl. xoxo