Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring break?

Spring Break Day 1 was beautiful day with Colorado's weather at it's best. So what are a girl and her dog, her sister, her niece, sister's dogs and apparently all of the southern metro region to do, head to the closed water source of course...Chatfield Res.

We usually love the dog park there, wide open spaces...water for the dogs to swim...and usually enough dogs to have fun but not too crowded. Well not yesterday...I had never seen the place so packed. Sadly, Tanner inner pack mentality took over and he was such a butt.

I think in every family there is that one fill in the blank...that gets on every one's nerves, they pick and pick and 90% the picking is annoying but usually ignored and then there is the other 10% were someone else has had enough and they fight back against the picker and before long there is much screaming and everyone else just stands in shock? Well that was the case yesterday at the park...but not between my sister and me but the dogs! I'd like to say that Tanner is the one who stands up to the annoyance, but no, he is the ass of the dog family and sometimes Kinley(a golden who weighs twice as much as Tanner) just fights back and a huge dog fight ensues. Poor Shelley was holding Sienna, and I'm getting closer and closer to the dogs hoping to have an opportunity to pull Tanner away when there's a break in the action, which eventually there was, but we needed the help of another person to really separate them. Luckily neither dog was seriously hurt, Tanner got a small nick on his leg and Kinley unharmed. As you can imagine, Tanner's trip was cut short as I marched him right back to the car and made him wait while I went to help Shelley collect her dogs and Sienna who wanted nothing to do with the stroller at this point and needed to be carried back to the car.

If the rest of the days of spring break are going to be like this, I think I might just go back to work. Here's hoping the tide changes today...

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  1. oh no! hang in there, you tell mister tanner that mommy IS on spring break and that she WILL enjoy it!