Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Something New

I'm sure that when Houston challenged us to do something new, she wasn't thinking what I was. Inspired by my colorful friends, I decided it was time for a change in the hair department.

Here is me before my little adventure yesterday...
Ta Da this is me now...
Short and red...haven't been this way since college. I'm still in shock mode just a bit, staring at the mirror and wondering who the person looking back is. Or running my hand through and not having much in the back.


  1. Hello!!!
    That is a very fun change, and summer is the perfect time to enjoy a darling new cut!
    Looks good girlfriend!!!

  2. oooh--very nice color on you!

  3. ohhhh but I bet that's so much cooler! are you going to keep it straight like that? you want to talk about shock mode, I'll let you have some "hot hot pink"...

  4. *Gasp* Awesome!!! You go girl!