Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Just keep swimming...

I can't remeber which character(yes I know it's not the turtles, but they're my fav characters) in 'Finding Nemo' says this over and over, it's become a little motto to me. Right now in my head swimming has been replaced by voting. Today is the last day to vote for my layout at BHG. Huge thanks to all who have voted so far!


  1. Dori--and she was such a wise blue fish! I think that's a motto we can all live by, good luck with BHG

  2. swimming, swimming, swimming - LOVE dori!!! off to vote!

  3. just keep voting. just keep voting.

    ten things that are always in my fridge
    1. mustard (heh)
    2. catsup
    3. cocktail sauce
    4. salsa
    5. milk
    6. onions
    7. tamari
    8. eggs
    9. batteries
    10. old beer

  4. Ah. The girls beat me to it. Gotta love Dori and her attitude. :-)

  5. Coming to say it was Dory (I think it's spelled with a 'y'), but got completely sidetracked by seeing Alison is commenting on a blog! I don't think I've ever seen that before. :)