Saturday, July 05, 2008

Party in Pueblo...

Finally Sienna, got to be with all of her Pueblo cousins at the same time. We headed down mid-day and enjoyed a great day at Brian and Julie's GORGEOUS new house. Here a few of my favorite pics from the day...Sienna's first dip...

Ben getting ready to 'water' the deck
Yum! Popsicles...Grant was kind enough to share his with me.

admittedly not the best shot, but you try getting 3 toddlers and a baby and their parents to stay still for more than 15 seconds. At least Sienna knows who 'her photographer' is. :)

By the way...have you voted today? Still need your support, I've fallen in the ranks just a bit. This round ends on Wednesday so pretty please keep voting and thanks for all the positive messages you've sent my way.


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Fourth! I had to LOL at the cousins a few of those myself. ;-)

  2. Oh that last photo made me laugh! what a time she's going to have with those boys!