Tuesday, July 15, 2008

10 on Tuesday...Fraidy 'Dog'?

It's true, I think I live with the most senitive dog. Here's a quick list of some of the things Tanner is afraid of(yes some)

1. Thunder
2. Fireworks
3. Wind
4. Sprinklers
5. Window blinds
6. Kids on bikes
7. N. Turkey Creek Rd. (for good reason he fell out of the car while going along this road)
8. Some tall men
9. Automatic doors
10. Vacuum


  1. poor tanner. give him hugs for me!

  2. isn't it funny what they get scared of. the other night my dog was freaked out by the garbage can at the curb.

  3. Poor baby. I think that this means you should give up vaccuuming all together!

  4. Oh, sweet boy:)

    Edgar is afraid of:

    The wind blowing through the swamp cooler and the mail slot, basically anything metal hitting metal.

  5. Thunder is Number One on Elwood's Hit Parade, too.

  6. aw fell out of the car?? poor guy.

    mine's afraid of thunder, wind and fireworks.

  7. poor little guy....

    and lol at tara! hahahaa