Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th!

Important note to self: Do not go to Starbucks on a holiday and expect the same service and drink as you get on normal days. Alas the poor 'low on the totem pole, have to work a holiday' ladies really have no clue what an 'extra caramel' caramel frap means.

I'm off to Pueblo to celebrate the holiday with fam...hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

Thanks to all who have voted so far. It does my heart good to see that some have you have left my little site via the link. If you have time, would you please vote again today...I'm holding steady at 3rd place with would make me ecstatic, but #4 & 5 are close on my heels. I'm trying to figure out how the top two LOs already have over 100 votes, must be nice to have that many friends.


  1. happy holiday weekend and safe travels. i'm rootin' for you at BHG - go c go!!!

  2. Bummer about the bucks visit!
    I voted today, and got you on my to do for tomorrow ;o)