Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hey Aspen Grove...

where's your holiday spirit? I know the economy is bad, but must I be greeted by such an obnoxious buzzing sound on entering and exiting? Not only am I treated like a criminal entering the store with a sound, but no hi...can I help you find something? greeting from the associate within five feet of the door, not even when I got down on my knees to see if they had Sienna's size in tights(and not really even the perfect tights) that was displayed no more than 6 inches from the floor.

yes, by all means let the customer crawl on the floor, I'm sure I must have missed that lesson in retail 101.

And lest you, my poor reader, make excuses that it was some teenager working their first job, let me assure you that she was at least as old as me. You, unhappy Gap lady, have something to learn from fellow retailers especially the sweet 'barely more than a teenager' working at Gymboree who went to the back not once but twice to try and locate something for me, greeted other customers, handled a request from another store and even asked said store about my tights even though I told her she didn't need to worry. Now that's a retail star!

all this work and still no tights for Sienna's Christmas outfit...Keep your eyes out for a pair or tights with Scottie dogs preferably red or gray.

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  1. Customer Service is a lost art. Except at Scrapbook Destination. :)