Friday, November 14, 2008

Life Simplified!?! Part one

So, I found about this new great tool at our faculty meeting today called dial2do where I can actually call my blog. Yup call my blog. And I can talk just like I was making a normal phone call and it will transcribe and it will show up here on my happy little blogger space. How cool is that. Imagine. No typing. No texting. I could just dream of an iPhone and use it solely for music and games. Well and to call my blog.

Sent on behalf of Christyn Holmes with - Send Text Messages, Emails and more - just phone and talk.


  1. That is too stinkin' cool. You must teach me how to do it! Can't wait to crop with you tomorrow.

  2. wow!! that's like creepy or I don't know. maybe I'll dial it then give the phone to dylan and see what ends up.