Monday, March 17, 2008

I admit it, I'm responsible...

for the snow that hit the Denver area this am.

Where did this come from...I know, I know March is the 2nd snowiest (is that even a word) month (blah, blah, blah). While my science part of my brain accepts it, the rest of me not so much.

I broke out a pair of capri pants on Saturday, happy to say they're a little big, and started to get my legs in spring condition (ie shaved closely and introduced them once again to Jergen's natural glow lotion). Yesterday am it looked like another great sunny day was on the way. I was in a cleaning/laundry mode so tucked my sweaters towards the back of the closet and hung my winter coat in the closet instead of on the post by the door. Then took off to Chatfield for a walk/talk session with Shell. By the time we got there we needed fleece coats and the wind rolled in, by the time we left it was 6:30 icy rain and at some point snow...grr.
At least I didn't put away the car scrapper.

Happy Monday!


  1. The car scrapper? Is that someone who likes to scrapbook about their cars?


  2. me too, grrrrrrrr! i was so ready for the snow to be done. i've packed away sweaters, the one big coat is still out with outdoor gear still readily available for our training hikes but i'm SO ready to put my flip-flops on. hey, does that glow lotion work? i'm glowing in the wrong direction right now. so much so that disa called me a white hispanic the other day - HA! hugs, rach

  3. ha mk made me snort.

    dude, I was shopping for sandals on this week, so I think I'm partly responsible too.

  4. Good to know there's someone to blame! ;) (This is Vivian, by the way. For some reason blogger is not recognizing me! Argh!)

  5. Well thanks for admitting your part in the snow, I think Lisa and I both had a part in it too, we washed our cars.