Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope your year is off to a great start...have you made any resolutions? I made just a few hopefully doable. One of them was to be creative in someway far so good.

I finished a layout I started at Viv's on Tuesday, it will most likely be the Sunday sketch on the store blog on Sunday. I thought it was about time I posted something here first. I don't know what possessed me to so the diagonal strips...what a pain, never again...well, maybe...I do like the way they turned out. I just need to come up with a shortcut to get the angles correct, I know I have a protractor around here somewhere.

Then I was once again inspired by Becky and decided to take her challenge to create a page about things that make me happy using the scraps laying around. I had this vision of a page made of scalloped circles...sadly, the vision just didn't come together, truly I tried stapling and stitching and it just didn't work. Plan B...a scalloped circle border...much better although scanning and merging didn't do it justice. I'm not sure about the finished page...I think it's a bit ironic that it's about my scrapbook style, but not really my style. What I do appreciate it that it stretched me creatively to finish and that's what this year is all about (at least I hope it will be)


  1. What if you cut the strips longer than they need to be, temporarily adhered them to scrap CS at the width apart they'll be, then cut them diagonally?

  2. Still thinking... or what if you cut them in a stack, all at the same angle? Then you'd only have to futz with the top and bottom pieces. Or is that not right? Guess I'd have to try it to know for sure.

  3. Thanks for playing along with me, I like that you did something different while talking about what is consistent.
    And I like the layout, scalloped circles make me happy too!!!