Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Finally a project post...

but not the kind most of you are expecting. No new LOs or paper crafts. Instead one of the projects I'm most proud of completing, a hand knit dress for Sienna. It's still to big for her to wear, a couple more months and it will be perfect. Here's a quick snapshot in the meantime.

I love the process of knitting, ...how each stitch connects with the other and how a project comes together with each row. It never ceases to amaze me the that a few different stitches combine to create unique patterns. This project was a big step for me, for the past couple of years I've stuck with fairly basic projects, scarves, hats and a few purses. Now I have the confidence to try even bigger projects, maybe a sweater for Sienna's 1st birthday --- since I'm not a speedy knitter, I should probably get started now.


  1. I am very impressed! This is a work of art!

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