Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Real world Math

Uber cold weather = short walks for the doggie
Short walks + Genetic Energy = bored doggie
Bored Doggie = Destructive Dog
Destructive Dog = Unhappy Mom
Unhappy Mom + Guilty Mom = New toys for Doggie
New Toys for Doggie = smaller bank balance for mom, but a happy dog

Good thing he's cute!


And to think my HS geometry teacher said I'd never be good at math, either he was a genius at reverse psych or a total ASS, 20 years later I still choose the latter.

Stay warm my friends!


  1. Your math skills are way above par... he was an ASS. Glad T will be a happy pup, mine are just lazy sods until night time and then they start acting like wild beasts, that equals lack of sleep :P

  2. awwwww, rich and i had a giggle. we have a household with TWO bored dogs. ONE very needy, spastic, NEEDING a trip to dog park and ONE that could care less because SHE is smart and VERY cold. these frigid temps have halted our 'daily' trips to the dog park. hugs to tanner!

  3. ha! i had an ass for a math teacher too, who basically said I was "a creative type" not "a math type." But I totally get your math, so a big psffffft!!! to all mean math teachers!

  4. Poor Tan-man. I'm afraid to even let Elwood out in this weather-- won't his heart just seize up? Brrr.