Tuesday, September 09, 2008

10 on Tuesday

I love this time of year as fall slowly makes it's way in and summer and her ugly temperatures move along. As much as I love fall, I often look on the backside of summer with some regrets of the summer things I didn't get to do.

1. No roadtrips to mountains or other Colorado destinations
2. Didn't visit Alaska
3. Not enough trips to the dog park at Chatfield
4. Didn't go to any concerts at Red Rocks
5. Didn't eat enough fresh in season fruit (with the exception of Cherries, I ate too many on a couple of occasions)
6. Didn't get a chance to go to farmer's and open air markets
7. Missed lottery for O'Bama tickets
8. Never went to the pool (but I did get a key this year which is better than last so some progress was made)
9. Only got 1 pedicure (I realize that this activity doesn't have to be limited to summer, but in thew winter I don't see my toes enough)
10. Missed the Chatfield ball on festival for the 2nd year. (I know a couple of you make this an annual event, so I'm putting you in charge of making sure I don't miss it next year.)

Et tu? What did you miss out on this summer...


  1. hey it's not too late to go the farmer's market....we went last sat. in boulder and it was fantastic! :)

  2. Hmmmm... my children didn't go a pool ONCE. But I didn't miss that at all. :D

    We also missed our annual "Oooops, it's Elitch's last full weekend and we haven't used the kids' tickets from the library" trip, too, but I missed that only slightly more than the pool.

  3. I actually had a much better summer, in terms of activities, than usual. but there were some things I didn't get to do. I think you should do winter pedicures with no polish. I love that.

  4. Biggest regret, I didn't go to Maine and didn't get to share the beautiful coast with any of my friends.

  5. I didn't ride my bike. Not once. bummed, I am.