Thursday, May 15, 2008

Video Thursday...57 states?

A special treat for you politicos...

and he hasn't been to Alaska or in his mind there are 59 states? Also more than slightly disturbed that he states 'he wanted to visit, but he wasn't allowed to visit...his staff wouldn't let him' Shouldn't the President be able to go whereever he wants.

I was really hoping the 'you tube' comments would also provide some additional humor, but alas most are rooted in the 'my guy is better than your girl/your guy' line of thinking.

I did find this one amusing...
"hillary has to take confort in knowing that there are seven more states that she has a chance to win, before is all over. i wonder how manny delegates they each have? who in the hell told him that, john edwards? good lord. i wonder what his plans are for this other seven states? and where is the tax money from this going too? where is it.....".


  1. maybe he needs a calculator? hmmmmm....

  2. i think he might be a litte bit tired.

  3. Yikes. But I was going to say what Em said-- they must be walking dead by now.