Tuesday, May 20, 2008

10 on Tuesday...Eye Candy

Another season of American Idol has come to an end and I'm afraid that once again my favorite will not win. Instead of watching the judges gush over baby David, I decided to compile my own version of People Mag's 'Sexiest Men' List.

1. George

2. McDreamy

3. LL Cool J (Ladies love cool James)

4. Michael Vartan

5. John Cusack (gotta love a funny guy)

6. Luke Wilson

7. Hugh

8. Usher

9. Bon Jovi

10. Eddie Vedder

Yep, I have a little thing for musicians.


  1. I literally gasped when I saw your post!! Ok...here's my "list"...
    1. Harrison Ford
    2. Ben Affleck
    3. Matthew McConaughey
    4. Eric Bana
    5. Viggo Mortensen
    6. Johnny Depp
    7. Orlando Bloom
    8. Jon Bon Jovi
    9. John Malkovich
    10. Brandi Carlile (did I just say that out loud?) ;-)

  2. I know so sad isn't it. I so totally agree with most of the list, I would however add Matthew McConaughey and Matt Damon. I have a thing for guys whose names start with M!

  3. Okay, once again Heather and I have ZERO overlep (with the possible exception of Matthew McConaughey).

    But I keep staring at #8-- that just does NOT look like LL Cool J. His face is too... thin... to chiseled. Are you sure it's him???