Saturday, February 02, 2008

A few random things...

From the I didn't think it was possible file... Thunder, lightening and snow all at the same time?

I thought I was losing my mind last night when I was working on a couple of layouts when I saw lightening flash in the window. Then I heard the thunder...of course there is some fancy meterological term for this, I just thought it was strange.

Speaking of layouts...We just received some great new goodies from Making Memories. I have been waiting for these to come since I went to the Memory Trends show with MaryKay in September --- that's a long time. I wasted no time to make samples starring the fabulous Sienna. It's hard to tell in pics, but the paper has cutouts.

Still trying to make sense of the Presidential race? Chosing a candidate it tough, especially when they all seem the same. I found this great You can complete a survey and how your ideal candidate would feel on the issues and rate the issues of importance. It cross references your answers and comes up with a list of candidates whose views are closest to your own. I thought it was kind of fun and found the answers interesting, but not suprising.


  1. That storm freaked me out, too! Great layouts and photography!

  2. storm? what storm? we got nothing up north. strange. i have enjoyed looking at your blog tonight. you crack me up getting that font. you are a funny girl. i wish you were going to cha. next time, k?

    sienna is adorable and that paper is cool.

  3. Wasn't that thundersnow weird?!!
    Love the layouts!
    Hope I get to see you soon!!