Sunday, February 10, 2008

Do you ever...

finish a layout and are suprised (in a good way) with the results? That was the case last night when I finished this layout.
It was if all the pieces fell together effortlessly, it came together so quickly and turned out better than I could have ever planned. I guess there is a reason for leaving scraps out in the open.

The cutie in the pic is my youngest nephew Connor. Can you feel another lesson on my family coming on?

Connor belongs to the baby of the family, my brother John and his beautiful wife Lisa. Sorry I couldn't find any recent pictures of them together. They are just about the cutest couple you will ever meet and are great parents. Julie and Shelley take credit for this, saying they helped John get in touch with his femine side as a child. They tormented the poor kid, 'dress'ed him up and put makeup on him frequently(sorry all evidence of those days has mysteriously disappeared). I, of course, was an innocent bystander. I can still remember the first time we met John and Julie, when the blend started. He was just 6(he could barely tie his shoes) and the plan was to go see a movie together. His first words to use were...'there's one, where's the other girl?' We went to see the 'Care Bears' movie, great for John, for me at 12...not so much, I was mortified. (if you think I'm moody now, you should have seen me at 12) John has always been the cute one and as siblings we all took advantage. If we wanted to go somewhere fun, have pizza or needed money from the parents for something...we would always send John...and it always worked. He lucked out and met Lisa in highschool or maybe just after, I can't remember. Together they are the outside junkies of the family and are usually talking about a hike or making plans to get back to Juneau where they went to school.


  1. yes, i totally know what you mean. it's a beautiful layout.

    we really missed you at cha. really.

  2. What a fabulous layout! Amazing photo and design.

  3. c, this is simply perfect. so glad i saw it finally in person last night at the store because it's everything i expected it to be! love it! hugs, rach

  4. ok, that LO...SO good! And thank you for being a part of the kids' craft on Monday. The boys had such a great time! :-)

  5. Too bad all that evidence has mysteriously vanished ... I would love to see what you did with a layout of those pics! Thanks for sharing another wonderful story about your family. The LO is gorgeous, I finally saw it yesterday and it is perfect. Thank you again for the class on Monday.