Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm alive...

I know it's been a long time since I went a week without has been just a little crazy the past couple of weeks, full of blogworthy events except they've left me a little overwhelmed and exhausted. Here's a quick run down...

1. Graduation...132 grads, 1500 of their nearest and dearest + handful of muckety mucks
2. Car broke down on way to said graduation w/diplomas in car
3. Car towed to dealer for look-see
4. Look-see revealed breakdown because of relatively cheap issue, while there let's look do a 60,000 mile check-up, ok
5. Check-up not ok...more things to fix...$1400 grand total but that does include a new drivers
6. Stressed because car really needs another $1000 of work and I can't afford it without savings taking a serious hit, thought I would put it on the CC, but bastards dropped my limit. thanks for that surprise.
7. Made 20 cards on Thursday night for teachers who are now on summer break
8. Had my summer hair appointment and decided to let the inner wild child come out...hello purple...

My craft room has been the sanctuary through it all and I've been playing a little each day. I'll share some of the crafti-goodness in the days to come.

Good things are on the horizon, looking forward to some time with fam in AK and taking this free class at (my favorite classes) bonus and blessing that this class is free and at the perfect time for me to take advantage of it. Registration starts on Monday, come learn with me.


  1. Woot!
    Purple rocks!
    Sorry about the car, and the CC thing is a total stinker.
    I love that belly layout, super FAB!!!


  2. Sorry about the car :P But I'm so happy you got a seatbelt!

  3. You already know how happy I am about the seatbelt; sorry the rest was so pricey.

    Can't wait to see the purple in person!

  4. YES, a new seatbelt - whew! but hey the new do and purple is sure to lift the mood, hey!?

  5. Bummer but nice seatbelt.
    Love the hair. Can I love through you because I don't think I have the guts.