Monday, October 06, 2008

A productive day...

I decided to cash in one of the comp days earned over the past couple of months and take a day off.

Well at least a day off from work...much to do on the home front

Cleaned out the fridge --- Yuck!

Tanner got shots and his annual physical...Yay! he's in good shape except for a little tartar buildup

Fall clothes clean and front and center in closet, summer clothes tucked away for another season

Make and Take project ready for Saturday complete

Mini-album class with new Basic Grey paper sample done (photos to come later)

Yummy dinner with Houston and fam

and a few minutes leftover to make another card with my new favorite stamps, I decided to color in the geometric flower stamp from CHF and love the way it turned out...

it dawned on me today that at this point last year I was on pace and doing something creative nearly everyday as opposed to the 'once a week if I'm lucky' pace I'm on now. I'm going to strive to get back to that creative place.


  1. Ooooh I like the card! Thanks for hanging with us for dinner, sorry Larry was acting so strange, don't know what got into him but even C commented to him that he was not acting like himself. Men ? What can we say.

  2. i totally commiserate. weekly...that's about all i get these days. and you know i'm talking about scrapping... :-P