Tuesday, August 12, 2008

10 on Tuesday

My brain is so focused on work as the countdown to the start of school gets shorter and shorter, I'm a little stumped on a list for this week. But, I am a creature of habit and routine so...since I have a birthday coming up and my family harasses me about being hard to shop for (so I'm a little picky, what's wrong with that? they would say I'm the worst kind of picky since I never tell them what I want, but pout if it's not the right thing) So on the off chance they'll read the blog between now and Sunday, I thought I would make a little list.

  • Panera gift card
  • Jewelry
  • Starbucks gift card
  • tickets to a Broncos game
  • a new george f. grill (boring I know, but I really need it)
  • Scrapbook Destination gift card (then maybe I could save money I make instead of spend it, sorry MK)
  • A Kindle (yeah right, but I covet MK's so it had to go on the list)
  • This 50-200mm lens
  • or this one (another in the highly unlikely category, but a girl can dream)
  • flowers (yep just a beautiful bouquet of flowers, I'm cheesy that way)
What's on your birthday wishlist?


  1. I need a new stereo in my car. :-) I think it might be do-able. A Broncos game is *always* on the list. :-)

  2. as mine is fast approaching this is easy:

    -a scooter (vespa in nature)
    -the 2nd lens you mentioned
    -a studio workstation from ikea

    see, that's not hard at all - HA!

    i love fresh flowers, that's a great one on your list!

  3. Still hoping for a Digital SLR, but now i have a while to go.

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  5. Mine is coming up too so...

    A cricut jukebox
    work clothes (School work, not scrap work)
    Qdoba gift card
    Scrapbook Destination gift card

  6. I got my george foreman grill from qvc. I love it. I use it mostly for turkey breakfast sausages and pressed sandwiches (you guessed it, the secret ingredient is MUSTARD).