Monday, August 13, 2007

A New Toy for the Boy

It's a great night for TV --- Broncos first preseason game, So You Think You Can Dance and the finale of Hell's Kitchen. I was relived that the class I had scheduled didn't have any students so I could come home and be a couch potato.

I made a quick stop into Petsmart to get a new battery for Tanner's 'Bad Dog' collar. I hardly ever use the beep or electronic buzz, but he listens so much better outside when he has it on. I overheard one of the trainers talking to another customer about a great new toy 'the everlasting treat ball' and decided to give it a try. Tanner absolutely loved it...the picture is blurry because he was obsessed for an hour and a half when I finally took it away so he wouldn't spoil his dinner. :)

Hooray for Rock! He's been one of my favorites on Hell's Kitchen this season, I think this may be the first time on my favs from the beginning turned out to be the winner. I love how he held up his son at the end and said 'Season 12's Winner right here'. Julia was my other fav, I hope she does go to culinary school and come back in future seasons.

And...the Broncos beat San Fran --- I know it's only preseason and can't erase the horribly beatings by the 49ers in games and superbowls past, but it's not a bad way to start the season.

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  1. look at tanner boy! woo hoo - NEW toy in da house. will have to look into that one for lomein.